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Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice

The Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice is designed for providers to continually set the bar higher – so that each day they can aspire to provider better services to older Australians than they did the day before. It is a Code that places ageing Australians, their families, carers and advocates at its heart so that aged care organisations and their workers are inspired to provide continuously improved and innovative, high quality care and supports.

An Industry Committed to Change

The Aged Care Voluntary Industry Code of Practice (the Code) brings together the aged care industry under a single code of practice.

This has never been achieved before.

We encourage providers to pledge their commitment to the Code and for consumers, workers and their organisations to state their support for the Code.

The Code sets out how Industry leaders intend to guide their organisations – and the sector – in delivering care services that reflect the rights and needs of Australians as they age.

The Code’s aim is to help ‘good’ providers to become ‘great’ and ‘great’ providers to become ‘world class’.

The Code is an industry-led set of Principles with their own embedded outcomes that allow industry self-regulation through transparent performance reporting. The Code provides guidance on how to do this. And as more and more organisations and workers sign up to the Code there will be more and more peers to support one another.

The Code provides an opportunity for providers of aged care services aim to perform beyond the expectations of the communities they serve and the consumers for whom they are accountable. It provides for workers in aged care to realise this level of performance. It enables older Australians, their families, carers and advocates, who access and engage with aged care services to know that the measures and activities put in place aim to achieve quality, safe and personalised aged care services and supports.

The Council is proud of the progress made in agreeing on this Code. The sector has invested considerable time and commitment to get the Code right. Considerable work still needs to be done over the coming eight months to refine the processes associated with the Code. The Council will be undertaking extensive consultations with the sector to finalise this by 30 June 2021.

The Code is designed to continually improve and evolve over time, reflecting changing community expectations, laws and regulations. The Council in consultation with consumers, industry and workforce, will review the impact of the Code annually to ensure continuous improvement. We will work with industry, consumers, workforce and government to understand the effect the Code is having in raising industry benchmarks for care and service delivery, and adapt the Code to continue to inspire providers in their goal to achieve higher levels of care and service across the industry.