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Opportunities for Involvement

The Council is committed to working transparently with Aged Care providers, consumers, workers and Governments to implement A Matter of Care. Our collaboration is guided by our ACWIC Engagement Plan.

The Council will provide opportunities for consumers, workers, providers and government to be involved in advancing elements of the strategic actions.

We understand the wealth of knowledge and expertise out there.

We hope that you will be willing to share your knowledge during our specific ‘call-outs’ for involvement.

Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice is designed to build on existing knowledge and best practices in order to enable excellence, foster a culture of joint accountability and commitment.

Learn more about Community of Practice


Workforce planning tool

The Council is pleased to announce that we are working with design and technology company, Portable, to develop an interactive workforce planning tool.

This project aligns with Strategic Action 6 from ‘A Matter of Care’.

The Council and Portable will engage with industry to develop a standard approach to workforce planning through an interactive guide, including an interactive workforce planning tool. The tool will be human-centred and sensitive to challenges Aged Care providers are facing in the sector today. All aged care settings, including residential, home-based care and support as well as mixed models of care will shape and inform the purpose, use and structure of the tool.

This tool will simplify the way in which aged care organisations can build and adjust their workforce to meet current and future demands. The tool will also look at the mix of skills needed to build and sustain innovation through existing and emerging models of care. It is anticipated that the tool will assist providers to identify core capabilities to enable specific care interventions, such as palliative services, according to demand.

Once complete, the tool will enable aged care providers to create a strategic workforce plan so that they can effectively build their staffing models to provide holistic, human-centred and quality care to older people throughout Australia.

Seeking industry expertise – help us co-design the workforce planning tool

What expertise is required?

We’re looking for people with experience in workforce planning, or experience in a role that compliments workforce planning, such as recruitment, people & culture or people management to help us co-design the tool.

Why co-design?

The Council is keen to ensure the workforce planning tool is fit-for-purpose. To do that, we need input from the people who will use the tool most – those working in a human resources or workforce planning role.

What is the co-design process?

The co-design process will consist of a four-hour online workshop on 6 December 2021, and a one-hour wireframe test session between 31 January and 2 February 2022.

Participants will be asked to share their opinions and experiences working in aged care and with workforce planning tools and methods, so that what we design together benefits people working across the aged care sector.

How to get involved

Email us at contact@acwic.com.au by 29 November with a brief note outlining your availability and professional experience in the aged care sector.