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Workforce narrative

To support the aged care sector to make evidence-led workforce planning decisions, the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council has created a workforce narrative based on 109,000 insights from aged care employees.

Aged Care Workforce Industry Council CEO, Louise O’Neill, introduces the Workforce Narrative.

Aged Care Workforce Narrative

The Workforce Narrative is now available to download.

The 12 insights contained within the narrative are also available as separate documents.

Insight #1: Why work in aged care?

Insight #2: Recruiting quality staff

Insight #3: Retention in aged care

Insight #4: Turnover risk in aged care

Insight #5: Motivators to leave

Insight #6: Workforce ages – a changing profile

Insight #7: Training and skills

Insight #8: Fair workloads

Insight #9: Fair pay

Insight #10: Leadership styles and priorities

Insight #11: Management competencies

Insight #12: Consumer expectations – a workforce perspective

Aged Care Census Database

The Aged Care Census Database is the source for much of the data contained within the Workforce Narrative. The database has been compiled by organisational culture survey specialists, BPA Analytics.

The database comprises over 130,000 respondents from 70 providers recorded over the past 20 years. This includes residential aged care and community care, along with public and private aged care, not-for-profit and for-profit providers.

It is a compelling database, the only one of its kind in Australia. Access to the database enables the user to gain, and compare for themselves, critical insights into organisational culture within the aged care sector.

Limited access to the database is available for free. For those wanting to drill deeper into the data, BPA Analytics offers an additional level of access on a fee for service basis. Find out more by visiting the BPA website.