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Our Work

The Council is overseeing, coordinating and sequencing Industry and Government’s implementation of ‘A Matter of Care – Australia’s Aged Care Workforce Strategy’. The Strategy outlines 14 strategic actions and over 90 recommendations for the Council to progress. For a quick snapshot of progress we are making, please click  here to download our flyer.

About our work

Australia’s Aged Care Workforce Strategy aims to address the key strategic impediments to the industry delivering sustainable, consistent and quality aged care. The Council’s work is to oversee, support and monitor the Industry’s implementation of the Strategy over the next three years – with the assistance of the Australian Government.

The intent is for the Council to be self-sustaining for the next four to seven years to provide continued stewardship of the Strategy.

The Strategy includes 14 strategic actions that were tested through extensive consultation with organisations, consumers, employees and their representatives. Each strategic action is solutions focused and will deliver tangible results to the workforce. The Council recognises the need to implement the Strategy holistically, and the Strategic Actions concurrently.

In guiding the implementation of the Strategy in a thoughtful, pragmatic manner, the Council is confident that it can bring the industry together and provide a visible, unified voice. In so doing, it will support an accelerated implementation of the strategic actions in a coordinated and sequenced manner to drive reform that shifts negative public perceptions of aged care, embeds consumer-centered care in practice and creates a workforce more responsive to changing service demands.

Five program streams

To maximise the effectiveness of our efforts, the Council has grouped associated or dependent activities together.  As a result of this decision, there are now five distinct programs of work that encompass core Council business – that is five programs of work to address the 14 Strategic Actions (and the accompanying 60 recommendations) outlined in A Matter of Care.  Each of these five programs of work is jointly led by several Council Directors. This enables the Council to bring a greater level of collaboration and sharing in the delivery of these programs.

Understanding workforce: key to improved care

The Council commissioned BPA Analytics to create a dataset of aged care worker sentiments.

This is a great tool for aged care organisations.

The purpose of the dataset is to help aged care leaders improve their workforce planning.

BPA Analytics are lead social researchers who capture aged care workers’ beliefs about their day-to-day work, their colleagues, their managers, their organisation, and those for whom they care.

BPA’s dataset comprises almost 129,000 respondents from 70 providers recorded over the past 20 years. This includes Residential Aged Care and Community Care.

Using this information, aged care leaders can gain quantitative data about the sector: how many workers are born outside Australia? What is the gender split? What roles do they perform?

They can also get insights from the analysis BPA has conducted on the qualitative data to better understand the motivators and drivers of their workforce.  What makes an aged care organisation a truly great place to work, what are the potential barriers to becoming truly great, what are the top attraction factors for people to work in an aged care organisation, why do they stay, what are the factors they weigh up to stay or to leave? –  just to name a few.  They can gain insight into workers’ day to day job frustrations and what they think their organisation and leadership is doing well.

With the datasets segmented by strategic partner cohorts, providers can be assured that the data they use is benchmarked and meaningful.

Once aged care leaders have this information, they can change their workforce planning to enhance motivators and mitigate barriers to quality workforce performance. They can drive recruitment to enhance diversity and implement policies that  have higher levels of success in retaining employees.

It includes an embedded information guide to help users navigate the data and use the site effectively.

For those wanting to drill deeper into the data, BPA Analytics offers an additional level of access on a fee for service basis.  Find out more by visiting BPA’s website at www.bpanz.com

The Council encourages all aged care leaders to use this quality resource by clicking on this link which will re-direct you to the BPA Analytics portal.