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to a new career in Aged Care

Bring your passions to a rewarding new career you’ll love.


Do you love that satisfaction of a sparkling home?


Feel the joy from making gardens look beautiful?


Passionate about preparing and sharing nutritious food?

Handy Work

Enjoy making people feel safe in their homes?


Love juggling logistics including people and places?

Cultural Diversity

Love hearing stories of different cultures, places and times?


Love bringing a smile to someone’s face?


Love sharing your hobbies with others?


Have a passion for helping others to live their best life?

There are more roles in Aged Care than you think.

Do you like to bring joy to the vulnerable and help people live with dignity?

Support Worker

Looking to creatively problem-solve care situations?

Care Manager

Love organising programs and events for people?

Social Coordinator

Want to help look after people and make them feel special again?

Registered Nurse

Enjoy making people feel safe in their homes?

Maintenance Worker

Are you an organiser who loves working with people?

Administration Officer

Do you like to entertain those around you?


Passionate about good food?

Chef/Meal Preparation

Want to create a harmonious team environment and lead others?

Team Leader

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People in it,
love it.

Rachelle, Service Coordinator

Carol, Care Worker - Aboriginal Home Care

Ashleigh, Regional Allocations Team Leader

Alicia, Service Manager

If you have a big heart, and love to help people, the aged care industry needs more people like you. You need to be kind and patient, and it’s always good to have a great sense of humour. Come and make a difference, you’ll never regret it.

- DANICA, Personal Carer

This generation we’re caring for now are just a wonderful generation of human beings who hold so much knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. What they can share and what we can learn from them is just amazing.

- VICKI, Lifestyle Manager

They came here for help. That’s why they’re here. And we come here to help them. We work hard for them as if we would work for our parents. Because we work every day with them they become like our family.

- KHORYOM, Personal Care Assistant

If you want to make a change in someone’s life, this is the job. You are the last link in their journey and that must be your focus.

- LISA, Team Leader

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