Commitment to the Voluntary Industry Code of Practice

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The Voluntary industry code of practice will, for the first time, create a unified industry voice and define aspirational practices.

The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council remains absolutely committed to working with key stakeholders, including government and the provider peak bodies, to deliver the Strategy – in full.

A matter of care – a strategy for Australia’s aged care workforce, is considered one of the most important contributions to the aged care industry. And the Council shares a vision for the workforce Australia deserves, to support better care now and into the future.

Driving the process of transformational reform essential to lead, inspire and effect lasting change begins with a single industry voluntary code of practice (voluntary code).

The voluntary code embodies the intent of the strategy and is aimed at unifying providers across the industry. Successful adoption of a single industry voluntary code will create for the first time, a unified industry voice.

While the strategy puts the consumer and workforce at the heart of decision making, the voluntary code is intended to be the first tangible mechanism to bring providers together to define aspirational practices in order to move ahead of community expectations.

Ultimately, the work of the Council is to support the workforce and, in so doing, consumer outcomes. To achieve this in a sustainable way will require us to address the public perceptions of our sector, the value of both paid and unpaid carers and the volunteers who provide an invaluable social contribution.

The Council fully supports the work undertaken by the provider peaks, and would like to acknowledge the lead taken by Leading Age Services Australia (LASA). The Council will continue to work with all peak bodies to implement a single voluntary code.

The voluntary code, embodying the intent of the Strategy, is essential to demonstrate to those outside aged care that this industry will be one of the social and economic driving forces of the country – now and into the future.

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