Developing an interactive Workforce Planning Tool

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Strategic Action 6 Request for Quote (RFQ) Advertised

The Council continues to implement the Strategic Actions outlined within Australia’s aged care workforce strategy ‘A Matter of Care’. This Communique outlines key achievements made on two of the Strategic Actions.

Development of a digitally interactive Workforce Planning Tool
Our aim is to foster and develop practical tools to create a better, more sustainable aged care system across Australia with a clear focus on the consumer.

Community expectations have changed to require more individualised models of care and to deliver on the preference of older people to stay in their own homes. The Council has agreed to develop a tool to support aged care organisations to understand and manage their workforce, anticipate changes and enhance their business outcomes.

To this end we are working to establish an interactive workforce planning tool with an embedded skills mix functionality that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of aged care providers and their workforce.

To inform this work, on Monday 28 June, the Council released a Request for Quote for SA 6 titled ‘Workforce Planning: Interactive workforce planning digital tool for the aged care sector’. It is available on the Council’s website and the Australian Tenders website. It closes on 26 July.

Supporting applications to increase wages across the aged care sector
The Council is about to start a comprehensive engagement process to facilitate discussions across unions, providers and the Federal Government with regard to developing a clear position to inform the aged care related work value claims currently before the Fair Work Commission.

The Council agreed to undertake this role at the request of the Health Services Union, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and the United Workers Union. This approach is also consistent with Recommendation 76.2e from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety Final Report which outlines that:

“the Council should lead the Australian Government and the aged care sector to a consensus to support applications to the Fair Work Commission to improve wages based on work value and/or equal remuneration, which may include redefining job classifications and job grades in the relevant awards.”

The Council welcomes this recommendation and is well placed to support. We are very pleased to announce that Anna Booth and Julius Roe, who both have significant experience in industrial relations matters, will be engaged to assist the Council in this work to:

  • facilitate discussions across unions, Government and providers, in support of the Fair Work work-value cases, and
  • provide advice on the projects to deliver strategic actions 4, 8 and 13.

This work is the core remit of the Council. It is a critical area that requires strong and rigorous alignment to support reform. This includes development ofa strong case to support current industrial relations matters, as well as designing the blueprint that envisages the longer-term workforce structure, industrial relations framework, and the true costs of the aged care workforce.

This blueprint will inform current and future Governments and Sector leaders in planning for a robust, well supported aged care workforce into the future.

The Council’s next Board meeting will take place on 5 August 2021.

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