Bring Your Thing to Aged Care

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‘Bring your thing’ to the aged care workforce and consulting on the Voluntary Industry Code of Practice

The Council continues to implement the Strategic Actions outlined within Australia’s aged care workforce strategy ‘A Matter of Care’. This Communique outlines key achievements made on two of the Strategic Actions.

‘Bring your thing’ – Attracting a new aged care workforce (Strategic Action 1)
The Council launched its social change campaign ‘Bring your thing’ on 15 March 2021. The Campaign aims to:

  • Promote positive community perceptions and attitudes to ageing and aged care, and
  • Encourage young people and individuals in sectors affected by COVID-19 to consider a career in aged care

The Campaign consists of the following assets:

  • A 60 second hero film, as well as 15 second and 6 second versions of the film promoted on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • 1 BuzzFeed article
    • 14 jobs for empaths you didn’t know existed
  • 2 BuzzFeed quizzes:
    • Looking for a meaningful career?
    • How to turn your passion into a career
  • A Campaign microsite:
    • Provides an overview of the different careers available within the aged care sector
    • Links to roles currently available on Seek and Indeed
    • Connects to the National Careers Institute website to support people navigate the education pathway to gain a qualification in aged care
    • Includes a sign-up section to allow people to find out more

The Campaign has been mentioned in ABC News Radio, Inside Ageing, Aged Care 101 and The Weekly Source.

Outcomes to date
The Campaign has achieved fantastic engagement with the intended target audiences. As of 23 April 2021, it has served 1,680,375 impressions via social media, reaching 704,197 Australians and receiving 47,248 clicks.

The Campaign will continue until 30 June 2021.

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