Aged Care Workforce Industry Council initial media statement on Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety Final Report

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The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council welcomes the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety. The Council Board Directors and CEO would like to acknowledge the work of the Commissioners and their staff in developing this large volume of work.

The Council Board Directors and CEO also acknowledge and express their gratitude for the exceptional work undertaken on a daily basis by Australia’s aged care workforce. We are heartened to see the huge recognition of this workforce, its importance, and the need to continue to progress on our workforce reform agenda. This is the greatest opportunity for the Government and the sector to deliver the best care and support outcomes that older Australians can and should expect.

A Matter of Care

The Council is pleased to see the exceptionally strong alignment between Australia’s aged care workforce strategy ‘A Matter of Care’ and the recommendations made by Commissioners Briggs and Pagone within the report. A Matter of Care outlines 14 Strategic Actions that the Council has responsibility for implementing or supporting the implementation of.

While the Council awaits the government’s response to the 148 recommendations within the Final Report, it will continue to engage with the aged care sector to progress implementation of ‘A Matter of Care’.

There will always be areas that elicit debate, but ultimately if the focus remains on the right outcomes for older Australians and the workforce that supports them, then we believe that the right reforms will be delivered.

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