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About Us

The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council (the Council) is the first leadership group of its kind in Australia’s aged care industry. The Council is committed to creating a better, more sustainable aged care system across Australia with a clear focus on the consumer. It is working with Industry, Government, employees and consumers to ensure the workforce is suitably skilled and able to deliver safe, consistent and high quality care services to older Australians, irrespective of setting.

Our remit

Our remit is to provide a unified body to oversee, coordinate and sequence the implementation of the 14 Strategic Actions in Australia’s Aged Care Workforce Strategy ‘A Matter of Care’.

Whilst delivering on ‘A Matter of Care,’ The Council will also adapt its work in light of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety which largely support the work of the Council.


Our Vision

The Council’s vision is to transform the capacity and capability of the aged care workforce so workers feel valued and supported to deliver consistently high-quality care to older Australians.

Our Purpose

The Council’s purpose is to galvanise effort across the sector and governments to build and equip the aged care workforce to deliver the care that older people, their families and carers expect.

Our Goals

As we work towards our vision, we reinforce and promote six core goals:

  • Person-centred
  • Adaptable
  • Sustainable
  • Contemporary
  • Transformative
  • Harmonised


The Council’s Strategic Plan sets out our remit, direction, and goals and the steps we will take to oversee and sequence the implementation of the national aged care workforce strategy.


Meet the Council

The Council supports collaboration as an essential step in creating a unified industry voice committed to enhancing workforce capability and the provision of consistent, high quality care to elderly Australians.

The Council brings together, for the first time, aged care provider CEOs, an employee representative and a consumer representative – who have come together to lead structural change across the industry.

Our Council Directors

Council Directors act collectively as a board to provide strategic guidance for the Council, oversee the Council’s management team and are accountable for the Council’s activities and performance.

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Our Council Members

The primary role of the Council Members is to elect Council Directors and approve amendments to the Council’s constitution. The primary accountability of Council Directors is to the Council Members.

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Our Management Team

Our Management Team supports our Council Directors in leading the implementation and monitoring of our activities. Our Management Team is accountable to our Council Directors.

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Our Timeline

ACWIC Timeline formation & funding


The Aged Care Workforce Council is a registered charity.  

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