The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.

Mahatma Gandhi

Who are we?

We’re a group that cares deeply about the aged care workforce in Australia. We passionately believe that the best people, armed with the right resources, are the key to the best care. As the first leadership group of its kind in Australia’s aged care industry, we work with industry, government, workers, older Australians and their families to ensure workers are set up for success. Which means the right support structures and staffing levels are in place, and workers are appropriately paid and trained to provide outstanding care, in a diverse range of settings.

How do we help?

Developing a resource hub
Supporting the sector with interactive tools, reports, and practical resources.
We promote cultural change
Advancing and embedding modern, forward-thinking attitudes to aged care.
Improving workforce sustainability
Supporting the sector by helping to develop a qualified, skilled workforce that operates in a rewarding, nurturing environment.
Supporting workers
Working with key stakeholders to develop meaningful career pathways in the sector. Ensuring aged care workers are proud of the vital work they do.
Driving a consistent standard of care
Implementing a voluntary code of practice that defines our industry’s consumer promise, standards, workforce practices and commitment to quality
and safety.
Workforce relations
In partnership, providing expertise and guidance around workforce planning and relations to help ensure a healthy, effective working environment.
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