Our plan

Our remit

To provide a unified body to oversee, coordinate and sequence the implementation of the 14 Strategic Actions in Australia’s Aged Care Workforce Strategy ‘A Matter of Care’. Whilst delivering on ‘A Matter of Care,’ The Council will also adapt its work in light of the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety which largely support the work of the Council.

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Our goals and how we are achieving them



Aged care as a valued career option focused on the needs, preferences and beliefs of older people, their families and carers, with high attraction and retention rates across all care models.

Targeted strategies to attract and retain workers with the right fit including social media recruitment campaign, and building the care workforce across aged care and disability (SAs 1, 7) and Leveraging reform of wages and conditions (SAs 8 & 13).



A well-planned and adaptable workforce able to deliver safe, integrated, models of care regardless of setting.

Delivering standardised approach to Workforce Planning, skills mix modeling and career pathways including job families across all models of care, with strong accountability to older people, their families and carers.



Employers that support quality jobs and careers with evidence-based models of service delivery, supported by a funding model that compensates for the costs of the future structure of the aged care workforce to deliver the required models of care.

Developing a modern workforce relations framework and a future funding model based on the true costs of the workforce (SAs 8, 13). Leveraging research relationships with Centre for Growth and Translational Research (CGTR) to deliver research into practice.



A workforce with a contemporary structure which reflects the current and emerging roles, job families with and clear career pathways underpinned by the appropriate qualifications.

Collaborating with the Aged Services Industry Reference Committee (IRC) & Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) on training reform and the new qualification & skills framework creating transportable. opportunities across the human services sectors (SA 3) – reflecting the future job families & career pathways (SA 4).



An industry which puts older people, their families and carers at the centre, lifting standards, workforce practices and a commitment to ensure quality, safety and innovation.

Encouraging industry sign up and implementation of the Voluntary Industry Code of Practice (VICOP), & tools to promote a culture of innovation, continuous improvement, feedback & transparent benchmarking (SAs 2 & 5).



A workforce that collaborates to support the personal goals, health and quality of life of each older person across the health and aged care continuum, including in remote areas.

Maximise the use of workforces that deliver care across service systems to address interface challenges to meet the needs of older people, their families & carers.

Especially in regional & remote areas (SAs, 9, 11). Harmonise approaches & reflect this in training across health systems, & Australian Government workforce (SA10).

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